ViveLife is the digital concierge platform that places into your control the power to attain a life that is exquisite in every way.


We bring to you a life unparalleled by curating experiences, services, and luxury goods as well as fulfilling requests to meet those needs and desires that you may have for both your personal and professional life.

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Every signature event experience, luxury good, travel, dining, and lifestyle resource and partner is curated with nothing in mind but excellence and transcendence.

We make the aspirational possible, the daily reality beautiful, and restore and — perhaps for the first time — establish the reality of living without boundaries.


Meet an artist you have always adored, dine at the Vatican, take a venture into outer space, design your own timepiece with a leading watchmaker, stay in a 2,000 square foot treehouse nestled in the countryside with five star amenities, or customize your own shoe with your favorite designer.

All this plus travel resources, experiences, and access to events not available to non-members are all available to you 24/7/365.

We are unlike any concierge company in the world in that we meet not only your lifestyle demands, but those to assure your wellness; which is where a great life must start.

Through our sister company and its medical group, we can help you access care for everything from IV therapy in your home or office to your annual physical after work in the comfort of any suitable location.

If it's flu season and you want to avoid an ER (or the typical wait for a doctor) we can come to you or direct you to our private urgent care.

If you're on safari in Africa and suffer an injury or become ill, we can help you get an AirVac to the best trauma center or to one of our own employed physicians that we have globally.

We work with the very best physicians — many world renown — and hospital networks worldwide to expedite care in urgent cases, but can help you prevent illness as well through our holistic and board certified physicians and health professionals, world class fitness experts, and nutritionists.

We bring your life imagined to you.

Be Well. Live Well. The ViveLife.

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